Eugenia Zinovieva

Eugenia Zinovieva has been a choreographer with RIWCP since 2018 and a co-director since January 2019. She has been dancing professionally with Festival Ballet Providence for seven years. Her ballet training was completed at Boston Ballet School, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and SLK Ballet in New York City. RIWCP was the first opportunity that she had to develop an interest in choreography, and she has been pursuing it since then.

Eugenia is in the middle of completing a bachelor’s degree in Economics. During the years of 2012-2016, she learned about management and marketing as the assistant manager of a spa. In 2017, she spent a summer as the performance and outreach coordinator for the Tony Williams Ballet. Now, when she is not dancing, she is on faculty at the New Bedford Ballet. Eugenia also enjoys hiking, reading, going to the beach, and traveling.